Chai: The unofficial drink of India | Team CupShup gets talking

Chai: The unofficial drink of India.

UnIndian. Officially Un-Indian to say that Chai isn’t Indian. But isn’t that the historical truth? How did Chai become the unofficial drink of India?

How? When? Why? We got addicted to CHAI!

This history dates back to the Pre-Chai-times wherein China had a monopoly in Chai-trade, that was when the Britishers decided to change the Chinese Tea Game, yes, Chai is the name!

That was back then, but currently, we Indians have popularized tea to an extent of making it the unofficial drink of the country!

Indian families be like-

“Happy?” – Have tea.

“Sad?” – Have Chai.

“Marriage?!” – Chai.

“Breakup!!” – Definitely more Chai.

Even a layman can vouch for that fact that tea or the Indian Chai is indeed the unofficial solicited drink of the country.

It’s not just a warm beverage…Chai is an emotion.

It is the fluid that binds people together, spices up conversations and opens up modems of communication and even confrontation (Chai pe Charcha). Tea parties are more intimate than the most expensive of functions. As said earlier, Chai is an emotion – an expression!

From types of conversations to varieties of chai, Indians are quite versatile with what keeps the show going and conversation flowing.

Now picture this.

A five to seven minute no-disturbed time. The time in which the person indulges in the cup of chai and even the cup of chai. And, also the cup in which it comes  – cause shape matters.

This is where CupShup comes in. Joining hands with innovations and GupShup communication. CupShup makes use of Corporate Activation as means and Paper Cup Branding as a medium. Thus, the new gen marketing specialists!

Wanna book a steamy discussion?

About us:

CupShup is a marketing agency that provides you with Cup Branding in addition to Corporate Activation services.

Having worked with the who’s who of the country which includes Google, Times of India, ICICI Prudential, Kotak security, HotStar, BlueStar, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Spartan Poker and Grofers. This makes a satisfies riposte of 90+ clients.

Furthermore, CupShup has conducted marketing campaigns in over 25 cities. This includes 500 colleges, 1100 corporates, 4 airlines and 4000+ active tea vendors. Effectively turning tea stalls into the next-gen discussion centres!

With a vision to provide our clientele with ‘differen-tea-initiated innovation‘ CupShup pioneers in Paper Cup Branding – exploring the unexplored and the unconventional

With a mainstream vision and a cut-clear mission, we at CupShup aim at the best!

Chai: The unofficial drink of India