Paper Cup Branding by CupShup in Delhi for Clovia through tea

cup branding

All the women reading this, here’s a question –What’s your cup size ?

Awkward? Don’t be. It’s high time we address this issue.

About 80% of the women in the world wear the wrong cup size. They ‘unintentionally’ end up wearing the wrong cup size as majority of the female population is not aware about how to figure out their cup size. They don’t register the fact that how important it is to wear the correct cup size. Most of the women don’t realize that there are various nasty effects on the health that get generated if one wears a brassiere with an incorrect cup size.

So, to take a step forward and voice this issue and create awareness about the above mentioned notion, Clovia ( a well established, renowned lingerie firm) in collaboration with CupShup carried out a campaign in various colleges in Delhi, NCR.


cup branding


This collaboration held a prominent pun, the common ground for both the firms being identical – CUP. About 80,000 tea cups, which said – “What’s your Cup Size?” were distributed to girls in cafeterias and canteens of distinct colleges in and around Delhi, NCR.

Campaign Details

This campaign emphasized on creating optimum awareness and spreading knowledge about the importance of “knowing your cup size”. This campaign aimed at breaking the silence and start a bold, healthy and much needed conversation with the help of cup branding.


The Brand Manager of Clovia cared to share a few words regarding this issue – “When it comes to lingerie, it is utmost essential to know the right cup size which most of the girls aren’t aware of. Therefore, we wanted to raise the awareness amongst the girls’ audience to know their right sizes”.

When asked why did she decide to use cup branding as a medium to create awareness she replied saying “Everyone goes out for a break to their canteens or to the nearest tea stall and generally girls go out in a group, so we took this up to initiate the conversation amongst the groups so that girls notice and start talking about the cup sizes and its importance. In fact, we wanted the male audience to notice this and start the conversation”

This successful campaign ran for about 10 days. The goals set during the initiation of this campaign were happily met.

Clovia opened it’s stand alone store in Kamala Nagar in Delhi, NCR and girls were made aware of the existence of this store by branding again and CupShup did it’s usual commendable magic and gladly claimed another victory story!