Employee engagement activities conducted by team CupShup

Employee engagement can be quite tricky. They deeply affect the productivity in the office. And also, it shows a direct correlation with the company culture and engaging HR policies. That’s where employee engagement activities come in.

Quite the game of ‘quid-pro-quo’ where HR Managers invest in engagement and the returns are higher productivity levels.

In a recent study, it was found that the revenue generated by companies that have engaged employees is 2.5 times that of companies who are less bothered about employ care and welfare.

Though the brain can be controlled and the mind can be mastered it is only before so long that one gets bored and causes the serious downfall of productivity.

Thus, engagement and productivity go hand in hand.

In a 9 to 6 rigid office schedule, it is only half an hour! Some measly 30 minutes that we ask you to invest in and make up for the loss of productivity caused because of workload and boring work environment.

CupShup and employee engagement activities.

Quite the day saver, providing engaging solutions for 30-minute engaging activities. Making the most of the break time is what we look forth to.

Cup branding and CupShup are almost synonymous. And now, with our advanced and successful corporate activation operations, we are emerging as the pioneer in non-traditional marketing practices in India.

Some of our most recent activation campaigns and employee engagement activities were:

Tropicana Essentials Corporate Activation

Tropicana Essentials Activation dealt with highly healthy and engaging choices wherein a professional Yoga trainer came to the offices and quite the fun postures and positions took place.

A Karaoke setup for musical mind refreshment by Shelter X. Just the right thing an HR Manager looks out for. Team bonding over music, lunch and that too at the pre-scheduled break time.

Also, quite a deliberate cheat on your diet plan. Fresh Menu did a dessert sampling. Helped to increase team bonding over sweets and desserts.



William Lawson Corporate Activation or ‘the Corporate Invasion’ as the Highlanders decided to deem it as. The quirkiest activity we had conducted in premium corporates across major cities. With premium scotch being served on a weekday as part of the engagement activity and various games being played it nonetheless surely brought back the spirits to the offices.

What’s in for the admins?

Apart from this, we even supply FREE branded cups to corporate offices which often comes with promo codes, offers and QR codes that’d make anyone’s day brighter than it usually is.

That’s CupShup for you.

About CupShup:

CupShup is a marketing agency that provides you with Cup Branding and Corporate Activation services.

With a massive exposure time of 5-7 minutes, more than any conventional medium could provide, CupShup prides itself on its pioneering Cup branding services that have created a record 85-90% brand recall.

Having worked with the who’s who of the country which includes Google, Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, ICICI Prudential, and Kotak security, HotStar, BlueStar, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Spartan Poker and Grofers. This makes a satisfied riposte of 90+ clients.

Furthermore, CupShup has conducted marketing campaigns in over 25 cities. This includes 500 colleges, 1100 corporates, 4 airlines and 4000+ active tea vendors. Effectively turning tea stalls into the next-gen discussion centers!

With a vision to provide our clientele with ‘differen-tea-initiated innovation‘ CupShup pioneers in Paper Cup Branding. Exploring the unexplored and the unconventional

With a mainstream vision and a cut-clear mission, we at CupShup aim at the best!