Food-tech start-ups cup branding by team CupShup pan india

food-tech start-ups

Happiness home delivered.

Yes, you are thinking right.

It’s food that we are talking about.

If Meri Maggi isn’t an option anymore and you feel too stuffed up to make yourself a half-decent meal, what are meals on wheels for then, eh?

`Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out´. – Mark Twain

Foodie’s go by this, don’t they?

Food delivery is all about tasty burgers and new customer acquisition mergers. While for deemed customers who love to repeat the service it’s is about brand loyalty by giving them premium coupons/discounts/ offers and what not.

That’s how these start-ups roll.

Swiggy, Zomata, FreshMenu, and Fasoos – the prime food delivery apps decided to reach out to the untouched lacuna of corporate offices by providing them with food solutions.

Food-tech start-ups

food-tech start-ups

Food talks are given more priority in the campus and corporate canteens than the currently streaming Ted talks, ask why? It’s food. Simple.

Food delivery should be too.

Food-tech start-ups

food-tech start-ups

Keeping in mind that the public is habitual about going for a take-out than a home delivery. Maybe not used to the idea of it or have the feeling that they wouldn’t get the variety, quality, quantity etc.

Food-tech start-ups

food-tech start-ups

That’s where CupShup comes in. Geographically locating urbane working professionals and premium corporates is one thing and providing them with something to ponder over tea-time and breaks is another.

Food-tech start-ups

food-tech start-ups

About CupShup:

CupShup is a new age marketing agency pioneering in Cup Branding services and Corporate Activation solutions.

“5 to 7 minutes of exposure creates a brand recall of staggering 85-90%”

These are the stats by which CupShup rolls by keeping in heart and mind the essence of a Kadak Chai.

Having worked with Google, Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, ICICI Prudential, and Kotak security, HotStar, BlueStar, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Spartan Poker and Grofers. This makes a satisfied riposte of 90+ clients.

Furthermore, CupShup has conducted marketing campaigns in over 25 cities. This includes 500 colleges, 1100 corporates, 4 airlines and 4000+ active tea vendors. Effectively turning tea stalls into the next-gen discussion centers!

With a vision to provide our clientele with ‘differen-tea-initiated innovation‘ CupShup pioneers in Paper Cup Branding. Exploring the unexplored and the unconventional

With a mainstream vision and a cut-clear mission, we at CupShup aim at the best!