Fun, frolic and foodgasms galore: Foodpanda corporate activation

foodpanda crave party

Picture this: a DJ party with a charming host, grooving music with deserts and drinks that you’ve been craving for, and no we aren’t talking about your regular night out with friends, this is something even better, an entire day of fun and games at your office. YOU READ IT RIGHT!

Also, did we mention that there were crazy photobooths to indulge that selfiholic in you? Sounds interesting as it is, this dream was lived and enjoyed by over 25 corporates across Mumbai and Delhi this October.


corporate activation

A sneak peek into the Crave Party delights

Foodpanda corporate activation is here to stay in the books of CupShup as the most funfilled corporate activation so far. While Foodpanda’s crave party was providing their users with exciting deals they also decided to reach out to the corporate offices to treat them too! And, that’s where CupShup joined the party!

employee engagement activity

You need to do the work out in order to satisfy                                  your cravings

Foodpanda’s corporate activation and employee engagement activities involved a number of things to lure out the employees from their work nest and make them join the fest. From providing cookies to cupcakes and snack-a-licious sandwiches, there was so much more for the employees to enjoy and that too at no cost! It was absolutely FREE! Yes, you read that right.

corporate events

                 It’s time for some goodies

Apart from the foodgasms that the employees enjoyed, there were other fun-filled games to take part in. Be it the Anti-Gravity set-up or the photobooth with a myriad of props available, there was something for everyone to be engaged and enjoy.

corporate activation


employee engagement activities


corporate branding

anti-gravity photobooth

Also, catering to the tech-savvy and hashtag generation there were special offers involved which meant that if someone posted a picture on Instagram and tagged it with #foodpanda #craveparty #foodpandaindia then they were eligible for special vouchers and gift hampers too! It was a win-win for all.


corporate activation

And then there are goodies to take away


But wait…

The festivities did not end there. No, there still was so much more to explore. Now that they were done dealing with their cravings, it was time for the party!

After the desserts were licked (clean off the plates) and the selfies were clicked (in the amazing photobooth with props) it was time for the final event – dancing. Oh, yes!

A DJ system was set-up at the corporates to enjoy an evening filled with music and dance. The perfect combination to bond over for the working colleagues: food, music and dance, yes, the bases were covered all right!

The corporate activation and employee engagement activities took place in over 25+ corporate in Delhi and Mumbai with the festivities spread throughout October with a happy, crave-filling spree lightening up the corporate offices.

Organizing and enabling this event for Foodpanda has been CupShup’s absolute delight.