Health start-ups :Cup branding and activation for by CupShup

How many times did it happen that you had to surf through pharmacist shops and sanctuaries only to find a near rough substitute to the original medicine that too in a questionable state? Health start-ups are looking into it.

If this hasn’t happened yet, let’s say there’s so much scope for real hassle in future. Scheduled drugs often have not suitable substitutes which means that even with a prescription and utter dire need of medication, your efforts of looking out for it go in vain.

Also, it is quite the pharmacy trade secret but a retailer actually avails a margin profit of 20% (brand medicines) to a staggeringly high 60% (on generic medicines) on the prescriptions. Yes, insight info like these does come handy when you finally retort to looking out for the medication online only to realize that this is where you should have started the Herculean hunt with!

Online pharmacy options, ingenious health start-ups, are the solutions to our prescription problems with home delivery options. Many health-tech start-ups have come up with keeping the same idea in mind.

Though people do dole out that online interfaces for prescription providing can be abused as people tend to self-prescribe, there are innovative ways in which many health-tech start-ups have curbed this menace at their end.

Quite the urbane approach to a mundane work which makes it methodically approachable and quite the next-gen solution.

Medlife: Cup Branding

health start-ups

Medlife is your new age prescription delivery service wherein one can upload their prescription online after this a person collects the hard copy prescription from you and then delivers the medicine along with the prescription!


To reach out to their targeted audience who either is too busy to get involved in the prescription hassle or is unable to find the right medication at the required time. Medlife decided to solve the crisis by going ambient!

50+ corporates were targeted. With over a lakh branded cups distributed as a part of ambient marketing strategy. Trial offers like 30% discount made it convenient for people to give this a try. Quite a successful campaign with satisfactory results delivered at the marketing doorsteps. Helping the brand evolve and move up in the start-up pedestal.

Cup branding and activation for health start-ups include:

 Myra Medicine: Cup Branding

health start-ups

Myra medicine deals with the on-time delivery of medicines at your doorsteps free of any charges at a special discount of 20%. Quite the novelty in itself, reaching out to the right audience was the requirement.

What’s better than a cup of tea during a laid down day?

The aim was to reach out to the maximum number of people. Targeting the urbane working population who’d find it convenient enough to get their prescriptions home delivered. More than 1 lakh cups were distributed along 50+ Premium corporates across Mumbai.

PharmEasy: Activation

PharmEasy is yet another online platform where one can easily order their prescribed medicines along with great discounts. Agreeably, there’s nothing great about discounts associated with the medication. But, the retail pharmacists avoid doing so as they earn a higher profit margin.

10 corporates were targeted wherein standees were placed at common visiting points like cafeteria etc. Communication was shared across the employees with emails.


health start-ups

Health start-ups

1 mg: Health Camp Activation

1 mg hosted a complete health check-up camp at 20+ corporates in Delhi and Banglore. It was aimed at stressing around the point of need of right amount of attention to be paid to health. Healthcare is their forte, they knew the nitty-gritty of the business.



health start-ups

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