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Healthcare market in India is expected to grow from $100 billion (2016) to $280 billion in 2020. With just 0.7 doctors per 1k people. 1.1 bed allotted to a bevy of 1000 citizens, now is the right to come up with ventures like health-tech start-ups, that’d take healthcare seriously.


-The percentage that government plans on increasing healthcare spending from a low 1.2% of GDP as compared to America’s 17%.  Quite the milestone to cover when incidentally it is known that health care was removed from fundamental rights in the constitution at the last moment. Quite the feat achieved over here.

With the growing metropolistic urbane habitat and lifestyle demands, one compromises with health quite carelessly.

How many times do you find yourself sticking around with petty talismans and ‘dadi maa ka nuskha’ than going to a doctor and getting the right prescription?

We even love playing Doctor-Doctor where we conveniently prescribe ourselves some medicines. Depending on our mood. That’s us being lazy, nothing new.

With the rising number of health-tech startups in the country, it seems like the urbanely and insanely busy population can avoid wasting time over going to diagnostic centers for a blood test, health check-ups or finding caretakers for the elderly in the house. Start-ups have created solutions that can be called tailor made for you. Keeping in mind the needs of the urban working population.

Care 24

– Paper  Cup Branding.

Hassle free. High-quality healthcare support made available at your home, that’s what working professional look for when they have to work round the clock juggling between professional commitments and personal attention required at the bedside of the sick and elderly in the house.

Reaching out to the right targeted audience is a must when it comes to marketing for such service-specific brands.

What’s better than approaching them with piping hot solutions during their chai break? When they are actually discussing their woes and worries with their pals over a steaming cup of tea.

Paper Cup Branding enables service specific brands like Care 24 to communicate directly with their target audience and placate them with their services with an exposure time of 5 to 7 minutes.

health-tech start-ups

health-tech start-ups branding by CupShup

Suburban Diagnostics

-Paper Cup Branding.

With quite the time crisis going on with the urban population and time being ‘money’ of the hour. There’s a new take on diagnostic solutions dealt by Suburban diagnostics at par.

Who’d be on the receiving end of doorstep diagnostic services? The working professionals are an obvious answer. And also, the patients who find it quite difficult to travel down pathology labs on a regular basis.

Tea time seems like the right moment to introduce the customer to the idea of diagnostic services available at your home. Something to ponder over and discuss with your friends and contemplate the time and fuss saving benefits of it.

With your brand being physically placed in your customer’s hand, a staggering statistics of brand recall has been observed for these campaigns.

health-tech start-ups

SubUrban Diagnostic Paper Cup Branding.

About CupShup:

CupShup is a new age marketing agency pioneering in Cup Branding services and Corporate Activation solutions.

“5 to 7 minutes of exposure creates a brand recall of staggering 85-90%”

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