Hotstar Cup Branding in Delhi/NCR , Mumbai & Pune

Hotstar Cup Branding

HotStar Cup Branding for the web series ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai take 2’ won CupShup exchange4media BW Applause awards – 2017 in the Intellectual Property arena.

Do you believe in retakes and remakes?

In this life of ‘make no mistakes’ what if you were offered with one more chance? What if life provided you with a nostalgic take 2?

“Our normal everyday janta jinka chai ke bina nahi banta.” This is the same janta that indulges in quite the telly GupShup over chai ki CupShup. Here we are talking about the steaming and streaming show, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai take 2 screening exclusively on HotStar.

Middle Class comes to mind when you remember this particular show. Quite the nostalgic family show it was!

Though, it might be quite the middle-class irony to discuss TV shows over cups of chai, Monisha. But can we help or even resist the nostalgic charm that this show brings over?! In the age of pace and race, this particular show takes you to a reality far more pleasant than what streams, steams and screams around the corner.

Yes, the show was quite the discussion which families held over a cup of steaming chai. No doubt. Discussions were held. Chats took place. The internet went wild with rage when the characters themselves applauded various platforms that advertised the show.

In an Instagram video, the character Monisha seems to be enjoying certain snippets from the show broadcasted for all to see on cute chai cups.

The internet definitely chiselled over the ultimate GupShup. But what happens behind the scenes is far more mesmerizing than what appears on the screens! HotStar Cup Branding brought about the satisfactory results.

There is this thing called,

Power of Chai.

From general discussions to major negotiations, we Indian’s seem to be quite fond of Chai pe Charcha. Keeping this in mind, team CupShup came up with the suggestion of Paper Cup Branding and advertisement for this web series. Along with team HotStar, major cities and viable corporate offices were targeted so as to suit the purpose.  Let’s just cleary state down the facts – with 9 lakh cups (you read it right) across major Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi – NCR, team CupShup targeted quite the chatterbox corporate offices and gave them more than just a nostalgic topic to bond over at their break time.

It was tea and the team effort of CupShup that gave the office employees something delectably memorable and remarkably fluid conversation for the cafeteria GupShup.

From memes to social media approval and acceptance across the country, this particular marketing motive gained the love and garnered the attention of lakhs of Indians across the country.

Chai hai toh GupShup hai, Marketing hai toh CupShup hai!


HotStar Cup Branding

HotStar Cup Branding

Instagram images.

Post shared by Rupali Ganguly ‘Monisha’ on the show.

Hotstar Cup Branding

Quite Cup-tight, aren’t we?

HotStar Cup Branding

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