How to create a copy that sells? Marketing to the target audience


The twenty-first century provides the means as well as the medium to create your content and also put it on platforms that reach out to your target audience. Targeting the right market and making your product/ services available to them has been the way of the century, with marketers trying their best to woo the audience in different ways all kudos to the tricks up their sleeve with engaging marketing activities.

Given the need of the hour, one surely has to make use of different means and media to get the work done. Paving a different path, away from the traditional means of marketing, there are now certain ambient ways for a brand to reach out to their target audience with an ease that too on a shoestring budget that does not require any psychedelic medium or interface to make their way to your target audience. If you are exploring for a means that sets your strategy apart from the rest then cup branding and activations are exactly what you should be focusing your energies at.

Prime reasons to opt for ambient marketing:

Cup Branding

Cup branding in itself is a very effective way to make sure that your copy is in the hands of your target customer at a venue where he is invested in discussing something or the other. So why not make your brand the center point of the discussion? This is what cup branding enables you to get done. 5-7 minutes of uninterrupted bliss, where people are on a break and are looking for something to engage them and their mind.

This is where your copy taps into their available time and makes the most of their attention span. Also, we live in an age of decreasing attention spans, making it all the more essential for you to pique your customer’s attention at the first chance possible.

Recently, a cup branding campaign was followed for TVF’s What the Folks! Across 3 major cities in the country making it a success among the audience and even Cupshup’s client TVF who enjoyed this aspect of new-age marketing.

In yet another path-breaking marketing campaign for Clovia, the cups were branded with the question: What’s your cup size? Thus, through the element of curiosity and exquisiteness of the campaign gained the attention of the target audience: women, in this case, making it an effective RoI for Clovia and a memorable experience for CupShup too.



What can be a better way to gain your audience’s attention than engaging them in a fun-filled activity that breaks the monotony of their life? This can be done in different ways by doing activations that make a difference. For e.g. CupShup had conducted an activity for William Lawson in targeted corporates across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore offering iced scotch and games to the players. Another activation involved a yoga session, hosted by Tropicana Essentials to stress upon the importance of healthy living along with the promotion of new organic juices too.

In yet another activity that involved free testing of food samples by FreshMenu, the interests of various corporate employees were targeted and at the same time, apt promotion for the brand was done too.

Our most recent Corporate Activation involves for Foodpanda’s Crave Party, which involved fun, frolic and foodgasms galore.

It isn’t anymore about tapping the market potential but doing it in a way that creates a niche of your own. This is what brand development is all about.

Have a copy that sells? Wondering where you’d find the right audience to get the right conversions? Let’s get in touch. At CupShup, we brew innovation, join us over a cuppa and more.