India Shelter Paper Cup Branding and Activation by Team CupShup

India Shelter Paper Cup Branding and Activation

The aam aadmi is suddenly not so aam anymore!

Roti, Kapda, aur makaan the basics needs of urbane have been categorized as the basic primitive needs of humans in order to survive in the urbane era. While roti and kapda can be managed by making quite the compromises, it is the makaan aka the dream home we talk about that has created quite the controversy.

In the year 2011, there was a shortage of 18.78 million houses in the country, the stats come with due respect to the liberal home loans provided by emerging, upcoming and competing banks backed by a different economy.

Now, buying a dream home has become a dream in every sense of meaning.



Change of fiscal policies.

You name it and we have been through it as a nation. This not only changes the cash flow and transactions in the market but also built up some restrictions over loaning sector and what not.

8.30% – the floating rate of interest on home loans from either Nationalized or Private banks. This doesn’t include the amount of toil, struggle, and hardship in presenting yourself as an eligible loan taker.

Home loan without proof of income documents? Not a fantasy anymore.  India Shelter does that. Provides a rooftop over your heads and helps you connect the Home Loan threads.

From demonetization to GST, the loan lending sector did face a major change. The already difficult take-a-loan option has now become a Herculean task. At least for the Blue Collared Population of India.

This is where the organization India Shelter comes in.

Construction, extension, renovation and/or purchase, India Shelter aims at providing a rooftop over the heads of blue collared workers of the country.

India shelter paper cup branding and activation.

India shelter paper cup branding and activation

Why CupShup?

The aim was to reach the blue-collar population of India. This is the working class population that dreams of owning a house but finds it difficult to do so.

What’s more to Indians than Chai? With chai, you never ask why!

CupShup being a premium paper cup branding and advertising agency was the best deal for Shelter India to associate with. Over the two years, CupShup has built quite the reputation as an effective and responsible marketing agency.

All about the campaign.

Held in over 8 major cities across the country, the aim of the activation was to bring in people and make them realize that apart from major banks and financing firms there are other organizations too that provide you home loans among other things.

10 lakh, the number of cups that were consumed and branded over in 8 cities namely Delhi, Agra, Ahmadabad, Bhopal, Jaipur, Indore, Nagpur, and Vadodara.  Schemes were introduced to people and discussions were held over tea. The ultimate Chai pe Charcha without extra Kharcha.

Tea stalls near manufacturing spaces, industrial areas, and garage spaces were selected. – This was done to communicate with the target audience.

2 weeks: The duration of paper cup branding for India shelter branding and corporate activation by team CupShup.

1 month: The duration of tea vendor activation carried on by team CupShup.

Branding on t-shirts was done in addition to tray branding. Also. posters were personally installed by the CupShup activation team at key locations.


About CupShup:

CupShup is a marketing agency that provides you with Cup Branding in addition to Corporate Activation services.

Having worked with the who’s who of the country which includes Google, Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, ICICI Prudential, Kotak security, HotStar, BlueStar, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Spartan Poker and Grofers. This makes a satisfied riposte of 90+ clients.

Furthermore, CupShup has conducted marketing campaigns in over 25 cities. This includes 500 colleges, 1100 corporates, 4 airlines and 4000+ active tea vendors. Effectively turning tea stalls into the next-gen discussion centers!

With a vision to provide our clientele with ‘differen-tea-initiated innovation‘ CupShup pioneers in Paper Cup Branding. Exploring the unexplored and the unconventional

With a mainstream vision and a cut-clear mission, we at CupShup aim at the best!


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