Mini Truck Advertisement in India by CupShup for Fynd

Mini Truck Advertisement

After paper cup branding and corporate activation, CupShup is happy to introduce another non-traditional yet highly effective medium of advertising, i.e, Mini Truck Advertising. Mini truck advertising is a dream come true for any marketer. With all the trucks GPS enabled, this medium is not only trackable and measurable, but the canvass of 5′ by 6′ also provides you enough space for creative freedom. Unlike cab/auto and bus branding, the advertisements are always in the line of sight and moving along with the target audience. Check out our latest advertisement on Mini truck advertisement for fashion brand Fynd.

Objective: To make people aware of offerings of Fynd and its unique offering

Implementation:  Team CupShup identified the top 10 drivers of Andheri which was the catchment area of Fynd. These drivers were not only RTO compliant but also permission for advertisement was taken from the RTO department. All the trucks were fitted with GPS tracker for the management of Fynd to have a track of the vehicles. Please find below few images from the campaign of Mini truck advertising for Fynd:

Mini Truck Advertisement


Mini Truck Advertisement



We are a new age marketing agency on a mission to re-define the way brands communicate with their target audience. CupShup brings to the table a unique mix of traditional as well as non-traditional medium for its clients.

CupShup is a marketing agency which pioneers in paper cup branding and corporate activation in India. We have a network of more than 1000 corporate, 500 colleges, 4 Airlines and 4000 retail tea stalls across the country. CupShup has campaigned in more than 22 cities of India for more than 70 clients including Google, ICICI Prudential, Kotak Securities, Ola Cabs, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato and many more.

While Paper cup advertising provides brands an exposure time of 5-7 minutes and absolute mind share, corporate activation engages employees within their work places and cut the clutter to deliver the message.