Cup Branding for DCB Bank in Corporates houses at Mumbai

DCB Bank cup branding

With interest rates on procuring loans soaring and the yields on deposits on a downward spiral, saving has become a luxury. Coping with modern life and the exorbitant cost of living it entails, people are able to save so little. Keeping this fact to the forefront, DCB Bank targeted corporate employees to market their fixed deposit scheme through cup branding.The campaign was carried out across several corporate houses in Mumbai.

DCB Bank aimed to engage corporate employees with their offering of a fixed deposit plan. The plan that helps them earn better returns on their hard earned money. The objective was to market the unique selling proposition of offering an annualised yield rate of 9.25% per annum on a fixed deposit for 36 months. This rate is the best in the market. 

DCB Bank chose CupShup’s cup branding to reach out to their target audience. CupShup designed branded paper cups displaying information about the annualised yield rate of 9.25% and a contact number. The annualised yield rate of 9.25% was emphasised on. The branded cups were circulated in over 50 corporate houses across Mumbai. The motive to etch the yield rate of 9.25% per annum in the viewer’s mind. The campaign emerged as a success getting lead and subsequent conversions.

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