Times of India Corporate Activation by CupShup in Mumbai

Times of India Corporate Activation

Times of India Corporate Activation


Objective: Executing Times of India Corporate Activation. Consequently creating awareness among the employees about the Big 5 Times of India Newspapers.


Operation:  First of all, team CupShup targeted premium corporate offices suitable for Times of India Offering.

Competition brings out the best in people moreover competing for prizes in a business environment is another level of fun altogether. A desk of 6 promoters was set up for smooth execution of the corporate activation.

The execution of corporate activation activities was assigned to the promoters. A healthy amount of involvement from among the employees was brought in.


Outcome: Puzzle games were set up due to which the employees got the opportunity to compete with one another. Winners were given amazing gift hampers provided by the Times of India.

Fortune element was taken care of!

Each employee was assigned with a specific puzzle number at the initial point of the activity. This specified the puzzles which was expected of him/her to solve. The results were decided by fabled fortune cookies.


In conclusion, the three major O’s of Corporate Activation were taken care of by team CupShup bringing in the desired involvement in addition to refreshing results.

Times of India Corporate Activation in Mumbai.

Times of India Corporate Activation by CupShup.


About us!

CupShup is a new age marketing agency that believes in redefining the methods of corporate brand communication.

Putting forth an endeavor to create an exclusive much as an exquisite arcade of Corporate Brand Marketing, one in which the brand communicates with the target audience efficiently.

The exposure time is kept in mind while creating the adverts. CupShup moves forward with the motto of ‘Your Brand in Customer’s Hand’ in addition to providing Corporate Activation Services.

At CupShup we bring forward an eclectic mix of desi and non-traditional method of advertisement. Therefore, CupShup now pioneers in the Paper Cup Branding and Corporate Activation arena in India.

Started in November 2014, CupShup now holds a customized and prized market of over 1100 Corporates, 500+ Colleges, 4 Airlines and 4000+ Retail Tea Stalls in India.

Chai being the ultimate backbone of our fluid economy, CupShup believes in campaigning with Tea Cups as a medium.

With successful campaigns conducted in more than 22 cities in India and satisfying 85+ clients all over the nation. This includes great riposte from Leading Brands like Google, HotStar, ICICI Prudential, Kotak Securities, Ola, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy and many more!

Paper cup advertising provides a brand an exposure time of 5 to 7 minutes which consequently leads to greater chances of Brand Recall.

Corporate Activation furthermore helps engage the employees within an organization. Due to this, the message is delivered efficiently.

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Times of India Corporate Activation.