Tropicana Essentials Corporate Activation by Team CupShup

Tropicana Essentials Corporate Activation.

Tropicana Essentials Corporate Activation was all about getting flat on a mat. And also, sipping healthy drink till you were energised to the brink!

A power Yoga session conducted by Hitanshi Jain (personal trainer of Sushma Swaraj). In the corporate premises of offices like Bank Bazaar, Deloitte, etc. the Yoga session had the employees engaged in various asanas for the day!

Came to the office for work, all they had to do was let it go lose and indulge in Yoga Asanas with a quirk! Tropicana Essentials had the idea of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in mind be it through food or other activities.

Team CupShup facilitated the idea of helping indulge the corporate employees with something that will stretch them and also reach them at the same time!

Yoga was the calling.

With a one hour session conducted in Corporate Offices across Delhi. Team CupShup had also set up fresh juice Kiosks for people! It helped to replenish the amount of energy spent in going through the various exercises on the mat.

With health on one hand and the expertise of Yoga on the other. These sessions received maximum participation and enthusiasm.

With smooth exercises to maintain the flow and healthy drink options to get the glow.

CupShup. Creativity on the go!

Tropicana Essentials Corporate Activation

Tropicana Essentials Corporate Activation

Tropicana Essentials Corporate Activation.


About CupShup:

CupShup is a marketing agency that provides you with Cup Branding in addition to Corporate Activation services.

Having worked with the who’s who of the country which includes Google, Times of India, ICICI Prudential, Kotak security, HotStar, BlueStar, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Spartan Poker and Grofers. This makes a satisfied riposte of 90+ clients.

Furthermore, CupShup has conducted marketing campaigns in over 25 cities. This includes 500 colleges, 1100 corporates, 4 airlines and 4000+ active tea vendors. Effectively turning tea stalls into the next-gen discussion centres!

With a vision to provide our clientele with ‘differen-tea-initiated innovation‘ CupShup pioneers in Paper Cup Branding – exploring the unexplored and the unconventional

With a mainstream vision and a cut-clear mission, we at CupShup aim at the best!


Tropicana Essentials Corporate Activation