William Lawson Corporate Activation by Team CupShup

William Lawson Corporate Activation

William Lawson Corporate Activation for their Signature ‘no rules’ premium Scotch was all about . . .

Drink in it, on it, of it and for it.

Seems like the perfect concoction that sums up a lazy weekend or a getaway party with friends.

William Lawson – Engagement Plan and Creative, the Corporate Activation by Team CupShup was all about it.

Doubtful about the knickers under the kilt? That’s William Lawson’s idea about ‘no rules’ Scotch. Where there is little regard for tradition and high demand for fun, the bare-chested Highlanders come in. Putting your knickers in a twist. Constantly.

It was time for some Highlander Games in the corporate. Team CupShup selected corporate like AWFIS, 91 Springboard etc in Delhi, Mumbai and Banglore where the Highlanders claimed 1693+ LADS!

From ‘ON TABLE’ to ‘OFF TABLE’ there were games that put things to perspective yet your corporate feel off the rocker.

Be it a fight of fingers or a war of tug, the winning novelty of the games would pull your feet off the working day Rug!

Signature WL drink was served by the Highlanders to the LADS. Pinning the LADS through the games like Thumb Fight and Strength Meter, it was the perfect invasion of workday routine. A welcomed one to say the least.

The Highlanders dressed in a Kilt (with questionable Knickers – the Highlander way), a slack, with a belt with leather holster hat held ice in it and the Great Scotch in hand, with leather boots to finish the look, focusing on work that day – all the energy it took!

Dressed in a black spaghetti with green and black Kilt, the females nonetheless maintained the Highlander style too. Their holster contained ice and Cola, Scotch and Coke, the competition in the games was not a joke.

William Lawson Corporate Activation

William Lawson Corporate Activation

Winners were also awarded William Lawson’s premium discount coupons. This definitely did add to the extended weekend festivity for the employees.

A Highlander muscular Vest for the Highlanders in offices that could not bear the sizzling men bare-chested and Spaghetti shirts with branding on the rear side for women.

Conducted by CupShup, this was the most innovative and creative Corporate Invasion. Delivering the best, always.

William Lawson Corporate Activation

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