Brands Experiences and Why They Matter

Brands Experiences and Why They Matter

If you break your brand into the smallest denominator, it would look like your customer. For however larger than life we make brands to be, they mean nothing if they fail to engage a consumer. To engage them in a fulfilling way is what brand experiences do.

When advertising was still breaking in the scene it was a lot easier to offer and for customers to receive. But the fairy tale came to a halt with the advent of the internet, the customer has more options to choose from than the brands have the capacity to employ. In a rush like that, what really counts is how you make the customer feel while you still have their attention. Brand Experiences have become the zero sum game of advertising.

Take any global brand for example. Under Armour, a sports equipment company, which did a campaign on supporting breast cancer. It did not just make an ad film on it as a thought leading media asset, it went beyond. It launched a clothing line on the same, it took an undertaking to invest on cancer research, it spread awareness in younger and minority communities so they grow up much healthier. It ended up making a system which stands resolutely to the statement, and not a statement alone. An integration of this sort makes an impact and wins people’s trust. Another example would be, ‘Gilmore Girls’. Netflix had a return event upcoming, so they revamped hundreds of coffee shops identical to Luke’s Diner from the show. This created a lot of buzz on the internet apart from creating and memorable moments for fans.

The white noise is not going to reduce anytime soon, it’s only going to get more loud in this room with brands howling for a few seconds of attention. Brand experiences disrupt it. You have the option of exhausting your resources or taking the lead. Take the lead with Cupshup, let’s brew innovation in brand experiences together.

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