The paradigm shift in digital media marketing in the last 5 years

Digital media marketing in 2021

The paradigm shift in digital media marketing in the last 5 years

The Rise in Digital media marketing over the past 5 years

It would be hard for you to believe when I tell you that over half a decade ago, the digital marketing industry had seen a spike in the way consumers interact with them. With almost every consumer, including you and I donning smartphones, digital marketing targets audiences with a smartphone on a whole. Smartphones with adaptive technology kept evolving, and so did digital marketing.

We went from poking a friend on Facebook, to checking Facebook Marketplace to purchase goods and services. Tweets can help change the tide in an ongoing political feud, so yes, it is a powerful platform to get your word across.

In 2015, online marketing was ever present. I used to constantly skip the adverts played before YouTube videos. Although my skipping the ad helped the advertisers understand on how I would respond to the ad. The COVID-19 pandemic has had people stay at home for a long time. For me, working from home or quarantined had me resort to social media for entertainment. This means a lot of people now turn to social media for other purposes as well.

TikTok has seen a 210% increase in users globally – which is mind boggling despite the fact they’ve had a name change in the past.

Yet, in 2021 the continuously developing artificial intelligence has taken its presence in the digital marketing world. You could program an AI program to help understand and analyze your consumer’s behavior and search patterns. You can retrieve data from social media platforms and consumer interactions in polls and surveys to help understand what your next campaign should be aimed towards and how can you make the most of it.

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How far can digital media marketing improve your brand?

Personalizing your content to appease your consumers is a new trend in the marketing world. Mass producing products could be a thing of the past, with the current option to personalize your products as per your customers interests.

A good example of personalization is with Coca-Cola adding their customers’ names on the bottle’s labels. It certainly took the crown in gaining people’s want for having their names slapped onto the bottle of their favorite drink! You could reach out to your customers how they would like their product and create the one just for them. Customer relationship +100!

Another aspect of digital marketing is moving from external sources writing about you in blogs, to having Social Media influencers magnify your brand’s reach. These folk with huge following can help spread the word of your brand to consumers who either have not heard about you, or that they have but haven’t been convinced yet. The influencers tend to be the ones to firsthand demonstrate the product in the same language or style of their followers, making it easy for conversions to take place.

Cost effective, wider outreach, highly interactive responses, automated digital marketing, and capability to personalize products are main aspects to go digital in 2021. These features help boost ROI and reputation among consumers old, new, and those that have no clue about your brand. Keeping up with the change is important, and so is digital marketing. Get the tools and edge to overcome your rivals and clinch top spot in the market today, tomorrow, and the years to come.

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